Versatile Blinds Offer Numerous Options

Wood Blinds

Nothing beats the warmth and shutter-like look of wood blinds. They are strong and durable and have many options, from color-matched paint to stain finishes which allow for the warm glow of the grain to shine through.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood allows for a wide-range of options to match the color and style of your decor. With faux wood, the composite material is water-resistant for high-humidity rooms, and provides you with a beautiful, cost-effective option.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are both trendy and cost-effective. For a sleek, polished, modern finish along with vast options in sizes, aluminum blinds might be the right fit of your decor, with numerous color or metallic finishes available.


Consumers are increasing interested in using technology in their homes to make daily tasks easier; to coordinate their “smart” appliances, media, lighting, and heating/cooling systems; and to remotely control their home’s appearance, for security reasons. Somfy, is at the forefront of this technology for window treatments.
· Routless, no holes
· Cordless Lift
· Specialty Shapes
· Motorization